What We Do

Company Groups


Company Leader Group workshops increase your group's Collective Intelligence, expanding its capacity for extraordinary Innovation and Execution. 

Workshops are 3 - 6 hours and are each tailored to the unique needs of the moment ... to cause or to leverage change. Each Workshop is focused on a key activity in Training, Innovation or Execution.  


Workshops can be integrated with your organization's processes and used on a regular basis, or can be as-needed, defined in the group's charter. All relationships begin with 2 start-up workshops to quickly increase leader group Collective Intelligence and clarify Innovation and Execution activities.

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Peer Groups
Venturing Peer Groups are each six (6) leaders from multiple organizations.  Their work is increasing individual and Collective Intelligence, and developing high value new ventures.  Members expand Coaching, Leading and Managing skillsets to apply in their existing organizations.

Peer Groups are a forum for working with other like-minded leaders who want to do more.  They offer the opportunity to expand thinking and perspectives in a positive, optimistic setting where ideas are explored with the support of a strong group of friends.

Peer Groups meet in Workshops twice per month, which are designed based on the group's charter. Workshops are virtual and in-person, and members talk extensively between meetings.


Organizations contract with us to find and develop opportunities.  Our involvement accelerates projects, and we are in a position to safely explore partnering and capital sourcing options.


We help define the project charter, and then research and conduct workshops to develop the opportunity.  The project is integrated within the organization as it moves through to Business Plan and implementation.