What We Do

We work with leaders in peer groups, company groups, or through traditional coaching and consulting to find and develop new businesses.  

Groups increase Collective Intelligence, raise standards, and expand capabilities. They magnify and leverage members' skills, knowledge and experience in a supportive, friendly environment to accomplish extraordinary things.

Groups meet in Workshops to complete activities that directly develop opportunities. Our Framework provides extreme clarity and focus, increasing a group's efficiency and speed in defining a compelling future and bringing it to life through outstanding execution.

TheGW group leader is a ‘player-coach' who adds to Collective Intelligence and guides the group's work.

Peer Leader Groups

Peer Groups are each 4-6 Owners/CEOs from multiple organizations who bring a wide range of knowledge, skills, perspectives and resources.  

Peer Groups expand thinking in a positive, optimistic setting where opportunities are found and new ventures are developed.

Peer Groups meet in 6-hour workshops twice per month.  Initial workshops focus on blending members’ knowledge and defining the group’s focus.  Workshops become more frequent for the work bringing ventures to life.

Company Leader Groups


Company Groups include an organization's 5-7 key leaders.  Their purpose is to develop new markets, customers and products, and to increase customer value.


Groups meet in Workshops that are 3-6 hours each to complete specific Train, Innovate or Execute activities.


Workshops can be integrated with an organization's processes and used on a regular basis, or can be as-needed.  All groups begin with 2 start-up workshops to quickly increase Collective Intelligence and to focus Innovation and Execution.

Coaching / Consulting


Consulting and coaching helps increase Collective Intelligence and create new businesses where a leader group won't fit. One-on-one sessions, custom workshops, seminars, and innovation support help leaders define and realize their vision.