What We Do

We work with leaders of mid-size companies in small group workshops to create new high value growth.

Groups expand Collective Intelligence for extraordinary thinking and action.

Our Growth Framework helps groups quickly create and operate compelling high value businesses.

Company Leader Groups


Your organization's 5-7 core leaders develop new markets, customers and products.


Groups meet in workshops that are 3-6 hours each to complete specific Train, Innovate or Execute activities.


Workshops are integrated with existing processes to replace less effective meetings, or can be as-needed.  

Peer Leader Groups

Peer Groups are each 4-6 CEOs who bring a range of successful experience, knowledge, perspectives and resources.  

Peer Group workshops blend capabilities, Train Collective Intelligence, and Innovate and Execute new high value ventures. 


Peer Groups leverage established capacities and relationships bringing ventures to life.

Custom Workshops & Seminars


We design and lead custom workshops & seminars to meet an organization's specific Collective Intelligence needs.