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Increasing Collective Intelligence

Collective Intelligence is a group's capacity to share perspectives and to fluidly build on others' thoughts.

It is the neuroscience of directing our own brains, and the interpersonal neuroscience of connecting to others.

High Collective Intelligence is the key to Innovating and Executing compelling, high value new futures.

A high Collective Intelligence group can do far more, more quickly ... by an order of magnitude.

Collective Intelligence can be increased quickly and dramatically.


Committing as a friend enables the 'Collective' in Collective Intelligence.  'We absolutely count on each other.'

Self-knowledge and control - of emotions, biases, triggers, personality - is critical for massive information flow.


High Collective Intelligence is a group of polymaths ... people with fundamental knowledge across a range of disciplines.

Well-coached learning quickly expands capacity to learn fast, engage intelligently, and generate better ideas.


Practice and training are central to high Collective Intelligence. Thinking, technology and challenges are emerging too fast.

Training needs a Coach for objective guidance ... to see what members can't see, and to give direct feedback.

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