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Our Mission

Enable more leaders to create more businesses more quickly, to solve more problems and fill more needs, by ...

increasing Collective Intelligence​ for extraordinary Innovating and Executing

The Growth Workshop is extraordinary leaders doing extraordinary things.

Turbulence => Thriving


Turbulence is the technology, thinking and challenges that move humanity forward.

Turbulence pushes us to higher levels of thought and action, enabling thriving growth.

High Collective Intelligence groups immerse in turbulence for extraordinary innovation.​​



Extraordinary opportunities are emerging in: 

  • Energy

  • Decarbonization

  • Bioplastics

  • Agriculture & Farming

  • Food Processing

  • Education & Training

  • Construction Materials

  • Materials, Nano materials

  • Precision Medicine

  • Manufacturing, Machining

  • Control Systems

  • Precision Consumer Products

  • Commercial Space Industries

Increasing Collective Intelligence grants entry for leader groups to do more.

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