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Growth Framework

Successful companies all perform the same series of activities. Our Growth Framework organizes them into a streamlined process for effective business creation. 

Increasing Collective Intelligence through Coaching (Training), drives extraordinary Leading (Innovating) and Managing (Executing).

In sports, performing arts, first responders, and many professions, preparation, practice and training with the right coach is essential. The same is true in leader groups.


The job of Coaching is to increase Collective Intelligence ... to enable extraordinary Leading and Managing.  


Chief Growth Officer domain.

Increasing Collective Intelligence is the neuroscience of training your brain to think and interact more deeply and fluidly. 

Members commit as friends ... the key enabler of Collective Intelligence. 


Friends are able to recognize and remove the interpersonal barriers that restrict free information flow.

Broad learning increases individual intelligence, causing remarkable new rapid thinking capacities to emerge

Group members expand their knowledge, and rebuild natural curiosity.  They explore more and notice more, more quickly.

New broad knowledge causes your brain to make new connections, thoughts and perspectives ... the foundation for ideas.

Good training releases a group that thinks and acts quickly and fluidly together.

The job of Leading is to Innovate a compelling future ... to create extraordinary new growth.  


Chief Executive Officer domain.


A vision is born when a group sees an unfilled need and develops an idea.

High Collective Intelligence expands capacity to explore more opportunities more quickly. It supports first principals thinking to reveal more opportunities. 


Opportunities are distilled into a clear compelling business definition ... the company's central controlling vision.

A good vision based on end-point needs is constant, while its path may change. 

Value Propositions and Business Models are developed in robust, exhilarating innovation Workshops.

Value Propositions define the capabilities to be developed and implemented through a Business Plan.

Innovating is continuous. There will be new opportunities tomorrow.

The job of Managing is to build and Execute the present ... to deliver an extraordinary future.

Chief Operating Officer domain.

Without exceptional execution, good ideas and visions are worthless. 


With exceptional execution, products exceed expectations, marketing & sales is fast and efficient, and customers give positive feedback through re-orders and referrals … driving more growth. 


Managing starts with a Business Design centered on Value Propositions.  It oversees development, testing and deployment to build the business.

A high Collective Intelligence increases people’s ability to focus, organize, and attend to details; enables people to see anomalies and exceptions more quickly; and supports rapid realignment and correction to maintain value.


Exceptional managing is extraordinary execution, coupled with continuously scanning for improvement and innovation opportunities.

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