TheGW Group Coach


Leader groups need an objective coach to help find, develop and release extraordinary thinking and action.

TheGW Coach adds to Collective Intelligence and is a catalyst for generating and developing ideas.

TheGW Coach and Growth Framework adapt to the needs and personality of each group.  No two groups are the same.


TheGW Coach is Leader in Coach / Train Workshops


  • Lead foundation discussions

  • Neuroscience and brain training

  • Coordinate learning tasks

  • Facilitate commitment & friendship

  • Coach group training activities


TheGW Coach is Catalyst in Lead / Innovate Workshops


  • Stimulate new perspectives

  • Coordinate / access research

  • Facilitate Innovate activities

  • Maintain documentation

  • Extend Value Propositions


TheGW Coach is Coordinator in Manage / Execute Activities


  • Protect Value Propositions

  • Coordinate Business Planning

  • Seek partnerships and alliances

  • Explore M&A opportunities

  • Acceleration and risk reduction

TheGW Coaches all have / are:

  • Broad STEAM knowledge

  • Curious continuous learner

  • Appreciate beauty and excellence

  • Expertise in Value Propositions

  • Experience across functions

  • Engaging, open communicator

  • Strong coordinator, facilitator

  • Idea generator