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TheGW Group Coach


Groups need an objective outsider to release their potential.  TheGW coach adapts to the unique personality of each group.

TheGW Coach is Leader in Coach / Train Workshops


  • Facilitate Commitment & friendship

  • Train Neuroscience

  • Coordinate / lead learning

  • Focus Collective Intelligence

  • Coach training activities


TheGW Coach is Catalyst in Lead / Innovate Workshops


  • Develop new perspectives

  • Create massive information flow

  • Generate more good ideas

  • Facilitate Innovate activities

  • Extend Value Propositions


TheGW Coach can be Coordinator in Manage / Execute Activities


  • Protect Value Propositions

  • Coordinate Design & Planning

  • Develop partnerships and alliances

  • Explore M&A opportunities

  • Acceleration and risk reduction

TheGW Coaches all have / are:

  • Broad STEAM knowledge

  • Coaching experience

  • C-level executive experience

  • Curious continuous learner

  • Trained in Collective Intelligence

  • Expertise in Value Propositions

  • Knowledge across functions

  • Engaging, open communicator

  • Strong coordinator, facilitator

  • Idea generator

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