Strong Teams

Innovation is open-ended exploring, abstract thinking, new connections, understanding different perspectives.  It is allowing thoughts to lead in unexpected directions.

Execution is the opposite.  It is building and operating a defined plan that has purpose in its Value Propositions.  

Extraordinary Execution relies on strong teams for efficiently and repeatedly delivering Value Propositions well.

Members of trained small groups can immediately increase performance of their execution teams.

Execute / Manage


Execute (Manage) activities are less small group and more strong team.  They are coordination and control to efficiently design, build and operate a business.

Understanding where a Value Proposition came from makes it easier to execute without rethinking or second guessing.

Friendship that grows with Collective Intelligence enables teams to fluidly deal with challenges.  Resolving conflict quickly helps focus on excellent execution.

Focused / Defined


Teams manage design, build and operation within a well defined framework.  While they don't require frequent abstract thinking, the capacity helps resolve unexpected problems.

Execution necessarily involves function silos and their control issues.  High Collective Intelligence softens silos to reduce friction and conflict.