Small Groups

Collective Intelligence peaks in trained small group workshops of 5-7 people ... more is too much noise, fewer is too little stimulation.

A trained group has greater abstract thinking capacity required for creating new high value businesses.


Trained groups are comfortable with the positive conflict that is part of doing extraordinary things. 



Collective Intelligence relies on robust information flow between people

Group members commit to others' successto watch others' backs, to not allow others to fail, to not compete.

Respect and caring are being a friend. When members commit as friends, barriers dissolve and information flow explodes.

Strong Teams

Innovation is open-ended exploring, abstract thinking, new perspectives. It is allowing thoughts to lead in unexpected directions.

Execution is the opposite.  It is building and operating a business defined by its Value Propositions.


Execution is Strong Teams managing projects and processes to repeatedly deliver Value Propositions extraordinarily well.