Our Ventures

While we help leaders develop their own businesses and ventures, we actively scan for and develop opportunities in: 


  • Distributed Energy, CCUS, Environmental Recovery

  • Human Growth & Thriving (Education / Training / Health / Fitness)

  • Specialty Consumer Products (Targeted / Niche)

  • Specialty Foods (Targeted / Niche)

  • Controlled Environment Vertical Farming (Local, Resource Efficient)

  • Specialty Manufacturing & Machining (Niche applications)

  • Commercial Space Supply Chain (Multiple Industries)


Change is causing new opportunity gaps to emerge everywhere.  We find undeveloped or overlooked opportunities ... and innovate the Value Propositions and Business Models, and develop the Business Plans to serve them.

We partner with the right organizations to implement our plans, and work with a network of financial and other resource providers to fund and support our ventures.