Our Mission


We help leaders do more.  We help develop the innovations and the ventures that accelerate advances and problem solving, beginning with the opportunities that exist right now in every market.

Thriving is a group effort, relying on increasing Collective Intelligence.  The Growth Workshop is a group of like-minded people sharing and growing the knowledge, skills and thinking that create new value ... extraordinary leaders doing extraordinary things

Turbulence = Growth

Advancing technology, new thinking and big challenges continue to open new opportunities to better fill more needs for more people ... to solve big problems and lift up more of humanity:


  • Game-changing Value Propositions and Business Models

  • Accelerated product development, reduced time-to-market

  • Lower market entry costs, lower market expansion costs

  • Strategic partnering & acquisitions for lower risk and rapid scaling

  • Expanded opportunities from inclusion and diversity

  • More solvable problems in environment, society and politics

Turbulence breeds growth. Thriving growth drives more growth.

Industry Targets


We want to help find and develop the significant growth opportunities that exist in every industry. We are currently assembling leader groups to target the world-changing opportunities in: 


  • Distributed Energy, CCUS, Environmental Recovery

  • Specialty Consumer Products (Targeted / Niche)

  • Specialty Foods (Targeted / Niche)

  • Human Growth & Thriving (Education / Training / Health / Fitness)

  • Manufacturing & Machining (Niche applications)

  • Controlled Environment Agriculture / Vertical Farming (Local, Resource Efficient)

  • Commercial Space Supply Chain / Ecosystem (Multiple Industries)


The turbulence of new technology and new thinking is opening opportunity gaps everywhere.  Our groups find these undeveloped or overlooked opportunities ... innovate Value Propositions and Business Models, and develop the Business Designs to deliver them.

Using first principals thinking, most groups can move into entirely new industries with their existing resources by focusing on the core constituent elements of those operations, and partnering with others for any unique capabilities to quickly develop a better solution.

Groups leverage their collective operating resources to develop the new businesses, pursue partnerships and acquisitions to reduce risk and increase speed, and work with our network of financial and resource providers to support group ventures.