Our Mission


Small groups of committed leaders can accomplish extraordinary things.  Big solutions always come from small groups.

We help leader groups increase their Collective Intelligence to develop the innovations that solve big problems.

The Growth Workshop is extraordinary leaders doing extraordinary things

Turbulence = Thriving

Turbulence is the natural emergence of the human ecosystem ... it is where people are growing and thriving.  High Collective Intelligence groups look for turbulence.

Advancing and converging technology, new thinking and big challenges create opportunities to better fill more needs:


  • Game-changing Value Propositions and Business Models

  • Reduced time-to-market

  • Lower entry and expansion costs

  • Partnering & acquisitions for lower risk and rapid scaling

  • Opportunities In diversity and inclusion

  • Solvable problems in environment, society and politics



New ecosystems are emerging in: 

  • Distributed Power, Renewable Energy, Energy Storage

  • Decarbonization & Environment

  • Agriculture, Farming & Foods

  • Human Growth & Thriving (Education / Training / Health / Fitness)

  • Materials, Fabrication, Manufacturing & Machining

  • Control Systems, IoT

  • Consumer Products

  • Commercial Space (Multiple Industries)

Extraordinary "picks & shovels" opportunities are everywhere.  Groups Innovate Value Propositions and the Business Designs to deliver them.

Groups leverage collective resources, pursue partnerships and acquisitions to reduce risk and increase speed, and work with our network of resource providers to bring ventures to life.