Growth Framework

Our Growth Framework is a lens for extreme clarity and focus, and a structure for fast and efficient business development. 

Increasing Collective Intelligence through Training (coaching), drives extraordinary Innovating (leading) and Executing (managing).

In sports, performing arts, special forces, and many professions, preparation and training with the right coach is essential. The same is true in business leader groups.

The job of Coaching is to increase Collective Intelligence ... to enable rapid, fluid, on-demand thinking and action.  


Chief Growth Officer domain.

Increasing CIQ is the neuroscience of training and controlling your brain to think and interact more deeply and fluidly. 


Focused learning and coaching expands thinking and releases cognitive surplus, causing remarkable capacities to emerge

Group members expand their own knowledge and skill sets, add new perspectives and rebuild natural curiosity.

New broad knowledge causes your brain to make new connections, thoughts and perspectives ... the foundation for ideas.

As members' thinking capacities expand, the group improves communication.  


Applying interpersonal neuroscience, barriers are removed, and information flows expand quickly and dramatically.

Good training releases a group that thinks and acts quickly and fluidly together.

The job of Leading is to Innovate a compelling future ... to create a Vision that inspires, focuses and creates value.  


Chief Executive Officer domain.


A vision is born when a group sees an unfilled need and develops an idea.

An increasing CIQ expands capacity to explore more opportunities more quickly. It supports first principals thinking that opens more opportunities in more industries. 


Good opportunities are distilled into clear definition and direction for the organization.  


Comprehensive Value Propositions and Business Models are developed in intense, robust Workshops.

Value Propositions define the detailed needs of each business function to be developed and implemented in a Business Plan.

Innovating is continuous. Technology, thinking and problems are changing so fast that today's ideas are too late tomorrow.

A vision based on end-point needs won't change ... but, the path to get there will.

The job of Managing is to build and Execute the present ... to deliver Value Propositions extraordinarily well.

Chief Operating Officer domain.

Without exceptional execution, good ideas and visions are worthless. 


With exceptional execution, products deliver expectations, marketing & sales is fast and efficient, and customers give positive feedback through re-orders, requests and endorsements … driving more growth. 


Managing starts with a Business Plan built around Value Propositions.  It oversees implementation and testing, resource acquisition, and deployment and operation.

A high CIQ increases people’s ability to focus, organize, and attend to details


A high CIQ enables your group to see anomalies and exceptions quickly, and to realign or correct before they become problems that reduce value.


Exceptional managing is extraordinary execution.  It is scanning for improvement opportunities and innovation ideas.

Commit = Friendship


Collective Intelligence is robust information flow between people.  Increasing Collective Intelligence depends on deep, caring relationships.  


Human beings need to work together.  We each have an incomplete collection of gifts ... we need others' gifts to fill our purpose.

Maximizing information flow requires group members commit to each other ... to others' successto support and to protect, to watch others' backs, to not allow others to fail, to not compete with each other.

Treating others with respect, caring, and compassion is being a friend. When members decide to be friends, barriers dissolve and information flow explodes.



Groups meet in Workshops where they more effectively and more quickly do more. Workshops each focus on completing activities in the Growth Framework:


  • Coach / Train Workshops: Constants of nature; Understand mind; Know and control brain; Know place in sweep of humanity; Expand working knowledge across multiple disciplines; Develop emotional and social skills; Practice connection & commitment; Train

  • Lead / Innovate Workshops:  Broaden knowledge of new technology and thinking; Explore industry and market developments; Define a compelling future; Target markets, products, innovation opportunities; Create new Value Propositions and Business Models

  • Manage / Execute Workshops:  Develop business designs & plans; Acquire resources; Engage partners; Test products and sales materials; Develop, test & deploy processes; Operate extraordinary well

Workshops become a group's central forum where good thinking drives good action. They are high flow sessions that are energizing and extraordinarily productive.  


Our Growth Framework is the just work and thinking that are leaders' jobs .  Workshops clarify and focus that day-to-day work to feed Workshops where leaders apply their high Collective Intelligence to generate extraordinary Innovation and Execution.

Leaders become better at everything they do.  The group becomes better at everything it does.