Our Growth Framework

Thriving emerges from increasing Collective Intelligence: your group’s capacity to quickly and fluidly solve problems and develop opportunities. 

In sports, performing arts, the sciences, special forces, and many professions, continuous training and preparation with the right coach is essential.

Increasing Collective Intelligence (CIQ) through Training (coaching), drives excellence in Innovating (leading) and Executing (managing).

Our Growth Framework is just the neuroscience of how humans work.

Growth Workshops


Our Growth Workshops help leader groups do more:


  • Train / Coach Workshops increase Collective Intelligence and expand capacity for Innovation and Execution.  

  • Innovate / Lead Workshops investigate opportunities and create new Value Propositions and Business Models.  

  • Execute / Manage Workshops develop plans, acquire resources, engage partners, and establish processes that deliver extraordinary execution.

Train / Coach

The job of Coaching is to continually increase Collective Intelligence ... to enable exceptional Leading and Managing.

Increasing CIQ is the neuroscience of how human brains work and how human beings interact.  Your brain is designed to Thrive.


Focused learning and good coaching expands thinking, causing remarkable new capacities to emerge.

Group members expand their own knowledge and skill sets, and engage in activities that add new perspectives and rebuild natural curiosity.

New broad knowledge causes your brain to make new connections, thoughts and perspectives ... the foundation for ideas.

As members' thinking capacities expand, the group improves communication.  


Through self-assessment and practice, barriers are removed, and information flows expand quickly and dramatically.

Good training releases a group that thinks and acts quickly and fluidly together ... CIQ increasing naturally and automatically.

Innovate / Lead

The job of Leading is to define and Innovate the future ... to create a compelling Vision that focuses and inspires.


A vision is born when you see an unfilled need, have an idea, and frame the opportunity.

An increasing CIQ expands your group’s capacity to scan for, discover and evaluate more opportunities more quickly.  


As good opportunities are identified, direction and focus are defined.

With clear direction on new or improved markets and products, comprehensive Value Propositions and Business Models are developed in intense, robust Workshops.

Value Propositions define the detailed needs of each business function to be developed and implemented in a Business Plan.

Innovating in today's world is continuous. Technology, thinking and problems are changing so fast that today's ideas are too late tomorrow.

A vision based on stable end-point needs won't change, but, the path to get there will.

Execute / Manage


The job of Managing is to build and Execute the present ... to deliver the Value Propositions that emerge from the vision.

Without exceptional execution, good ideas and visions are worthless. 


When operations are executed well, products deliver what customers expect, marketing & sales is fast and efficient, and customers give positive feedback through re-orders, requests and endorsements … driving more growth. 


Managing starts with a Business Plan built around Value Propositions.  It oversees implementation and testing, resource acquisition, and deployment and operation.

A high CIQ increases people’s ability to focus, organize, and attend to details


A high CIQ enables your group to see anomalies and exceptions quickly, and to realign or correct before they become problems that reduce value.


Exceptional Managing is extraordinary day-to-day execution.  It is continuously scanning for refinement and improvement opportunities, and new innovation ideas.

Connect - Friendship


Increasing Collective Intelligence depends on a group of people working well together.  Collective Intelligence is robust information flow between people.

Human beings are designed to work together.  We each have an incomplete collection of gifts ... we need to mix with others' gifts to complete our mission.

Maximizing information flow requires group members commit to each other ... to others' successto support and to protect, to watch others' backs, to not allow others to fail, to not compete with each other.

Human connection barriers dramatically constrain Collective Intelligence, and correcting them is hard.


Treating others with respect, caring, and compassion is being a friend.  When each group member decides to be a friend to the others, barriers dissolve and information flow increases dramatically and quickly.

All our Workshops help the group grow as people genuinely caring for each other.