Intelligence is the human capacity for rapid learning, abstract creativity, and critical thinking ... to imagine, design, build.

Intelligence increases through expanding knowledge of the physical universe, of humanity, of self.  


Continuous broad learning develops curiosity and an involuntary subconscious habit of exploring and noticing more.

Collective Intelligence

Collective Intelligence is the unique ability of human brains to accomplish significantly more together than alone.


It is a group's capacity for rapid, fluid, on-demand thinking and action for solving problems and developing opportunities.

Collective Intelligence is massive unrestricted information flow, shared curiosity ... a need to understand.

Thriving Growth

Growth is solving more problems and filling more needs for more people ... doing more, more quickly.

It is new businesses, new markets, new products, new customers.  It is increasing customer value and value to customers.

Thriving growth is continuous expanding growth.  It emerges from a high increasing Collective Intelligence.