Workshops each focus on specific Growth Framework activities:


  • Coach / Train Workshops: Learn constants of nature; Mind; Brain; Humanity & history; Expand working knowledge across multiple disciplines; Develop emotional and social skills; Commit to group; practice connection & communication; Train

  • Lead / Innovate Workshops:  Explore new technology and thinking, industry and market developments; Define a compelling future; Target markets, products, innovation opportunities; Innovate new Value Propositions and Business Models

  • Manage / Execute Workshops & Meetings:  Design the business in detailed plans; Acquire resources; Engage partners; Test products and sales materials; Build, test & deploy operations and processes; Execute extraordinary well.

Training workshops need a GW Coach to be effective.  The first Innovate and Execute workshops should include a GW Coach to help the group become fluid in those areas.  


Depending on the group's personality, a GW Coach can be a regular fixture at workshops, or a group member can fill the coaching role with support from TheGW.

High CIQ Group Workshops


TheGW Workshops are NOT advisory boards, seminars or brainstormings.

TheGW Workshops ARE where leaders make extraordinary things happen.

Leaders arrive primed and optimistic.  They bring questions, answers and thoughts.

Information and idea flow is massive. People listen, think, and understand perspectives.  


New ideas catalyze existing thoughts, generating extraordinary new possibilities.

Members respect each other and work through interpersonal barriers as friends.

In high CIQ workshops, outputs are frequently unexpected and exceed inputs.