TheGW Workshops each focus on completing a specific Growth Framework activity:


  • Coach / Train Workshops: Learn across multiple disciplines; Commit to group; Train Collective Intelligence

  • Lead / Innovate Workshops:  Explore opportunities; Define new businesses; Innovate Value Propositions and Business Models

  • Manage / Execute Workshops & Team Meetings:  Design and plan the business; Build, test, train & deploy the business; Execute extraordinary well.

Train workshops increase Collective Intelligence.


Innovate and Execute workshops are the abstract thinking action that create compelling new futures.


Execute team activities manage the projects and processes that make those high value futures real.

High Leverage Tool

Workshops are where Collective Intelligence and Information Flow reach critical mass.

Members arrive primed and optimistic.  They bring questions, answers and thoughts.

People listen, think, and understand perspectives. Idea flow is massive.


New ideas catalyze existing thoughts, generating extraordinary new possibilities. 

Fun. Exhilarating. Extremely Productive.