Get Started

Please read through this web site and this summary document. 


We need to make sure the fit is right ... that we meet your group's interests and needs.  We have to both believe that engaging The Growth Workshop will create new growth for your group.

Generally, a couple hours of conversation will determine if a relationship is right:

  1. We talk about your business, your needs, and what you want to do in several conversations. 

  2. For a company or peer group, we bring other group members into the conversation ... it is important that all group members want to do this, and that it will fit with their individual needs and personalities.

  3. If a relationship makes sense, we develop a preliminary charter that defines what you want to do.  

  4. For groups, we typically begin with two (2) workshops ... the first covers the background and basics of Collective Intelligence, the second extends into our Training, Innovation and Execution framework.

  5. We set pricing and terms.  There are several options depending on how tailored Workshops need to be.

  6. After the first workshops, we re-assess fit and develop a refined charter for the relationship.


For coaching and consulting, we define a charter and decide together the right mix of one-on-one support, workshops, seminars, and projects.