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Intelligence is the human capacity for rapid learning, abstract creativity, and critical thinking ... to imagine, design and build.

Intelligence increases through expanding knowledge of the physical universe, of humanity, of self.  


Continuous broad learning develops curiosity and a subconscious habit of noticing more.

Collective Intelligence

Collective Intelligence is a group's capacity for rapid, fluid learning, thinking and acting on massive information flows.

It is the driver of the extraordinary Innovating and Executing work required to define and create compelling new futures.

Even good leader groups work at a fraction of their Collective Intelligence potential.  

Leader Groups

Collective Intelligence peaks in trained groups of 5-7 people ... more is too much noise, fewer is too little stimulation.

A trained group has greater abstract thinking capacity required for Innovating new high value businesses.


Trained groups are friends, comfortable with the positive stress of processing massive information flows. 

Strong Teams

Leading is open-ended exploring, new perspectives, unexpected directions. Leading work is small group work.

Managing is the opposite.  It is designing, building and operating a business already defined by its Value Propositions.


Managing is Strong Teams executing extraordinarily well to repeatedly deliver good Value Propositions.

Business growth; coaching, consulting, collective intelligence, leading, managing, thinking, ideas, planning, strategy 

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