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2060 - Abundance

The next 40 years will see extraordinary leaps toward abundance, creating extraordinary business opportunities.

Converging advances in knowledge and technology are enabling us to better manipulate energy and matter to better fill more needs for more people.


On top of population growth, most people will move into higher economic classes leading to a doubling in demand for everything.

By the 2050's, we will have corrected GHG emissions and pollution issues.  We will likely not be at net-zero, but will be close.

We will be very efficient at converting resources, and will have dramatically reduced use of fossil fuels and petroleum.


  • Electricity will power most everything … portable, reliable, secure, low cost.

  • Precision agriculture and CEA farms will enable food production everywhere.

  • Livestock population for food will be down by half.

  • Bio plastics will dominate, petroleum plastic waste will be cleaned up.

  • Cement and steel production will be efficient and low carbon.

  • Precision autonomous robotics will be in everything.

  • Precision medicine will eliminate many diseases, including cancers.

By 2060 quantum and bio computers will be in general use, offering capacity orders of magnitude beyond today's super computers.

By 2060, fusion will begin delivering unlimited low cost energy, allowing us to restore the biosphere and enable true abundance.

Low cost energy combined with extraordinary computing capacity will be the freeing event for humanity.

High Collective Intelligence leader groups will be the ones making this future real.

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