Do More

We work with leaders who want to do more ... to solve more problems and to fill more needs for more people.


Advancing and converging technology, new thinking, and big challenges are spawning opportunities everywhere. 


Leaders of mid-size organizations are best positioned to find and develop them.

Leader Groups


Small groups of committed thoughtful people are where big problems are solved.


Our Leader Groups increase Collective Intelligence in an optimistic environment where ideas are explored and solutions are built.


Groups magnify and leverage members' knowledge, thinking and perspectives to accomplish extraordinary things.

Collective Intelligence (CIQ)


Collective Intelligence is a group's capacity to quickly and intelligently solve problems ... to Innovate and Execute extraordinarily well.

Increasing Collective Intelligence leads to rapid, fluid, on-demand thinking and action.

Collective Intelligence peaks in trained small groups of 5-7 people.

Growth Framework

Groups use our Growth Framework ... a lens for clarity and focus, and a streamlined process for effective business development.


Successful businesses execute the same activities between identifying and filling needs. Our Growth Framework streamlines them for concentrated thinking and action.


Training increases Collective Intelligence to expand group capacity for extraordinary Innovating and Executing.