We work with leaders who want to do more ... to better fill more needs for more people ... to create more value ... to Thrive.

Technology, new thinking, and big challenges mean game-changing growth opportunities are everywhere.

Thriving depends on increasing Collective Intelligence - your group's capacity to quickly and fluidly do more. 

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Innovate & Execute

Thriving is extraordinary Innovation and Execution.  Innovation generates world-changing vision and Value Propositions, Execution delivers value.

Extraordinary emerges from a continuously increasing Collective Intelligence that enables a group to design a compelling future they execute extraordinarily well today.

Growth Framework

Our Growth Framework is the neuroscience of how human beings grow and work together. It's not a theory ... it's just how we do what we do.


Train, Innovate, and Execute are the essential components of creating extraordinary new value.


Training is the ongoing intentional development of Collective Intelligence.  It is learning, skills development ... and practice at improving information flow.

Growth Workshops


Our Growth Workshops help leader groups do more:


  • Train / Coach Workshops increase Collective Intelligence and expand capacity for Innovation and Execution.  

  • Innovate / Lead Workshops investigate opportunities and create new Value Propositions and Business Models.  

  • Execute / Manage Workshops develop plans, acquire resources, engage partners, and establish processes that deliver extraordinary execution.

What We Do


Company Leader Groups focus on inflection points.  Train Workshops cause increases in Collective Intelligence to expand capabilities. Innovate and Execute Workshops apply capabilities to find and develop opportunities. 


Peer Leader Groups cause inflection points in order to release and develop new opportunities ... to create new ventures.

Contract Innovation helps companies accelerate new businesses or improve existing businesses.