Do More

We work with leaders who want to do more ... to better fill more needs for more people ... to solve more problems ... to create new businesses … to Thrive.


New technology, new thinking, and big challenges are spawning game-changing opportunities everywhere … that need to be developed.  Leaders of mid-size organizations are best positioned to find and develop them.

Leader Groups


Our Leader Groups are a forum for expanding thinking and perspectives in an upbeat setting where needs are defined, ideas are explored and new businesses are born.


Groups magnify and leverage members' skills, knowledge and experience in a supportive and friendly environment to accomplish extraordinary things.

Growth Framework

Groups use our Growth Framework ... the neuroscience of how people work together. It is a lens for extreme clarity and focus ... for fast, efficient and effective business development.


Training increases Collective Intelligence, raises standards and expands capabilities. Innovate and Execute create and operate extraordinary businesses.

Innovation defines ... Execution delivers.

Collective Intelligence


Collective Intelligence (CIQ) is a group's capacity to quickly and fluidly find and develop opportunities ... to Innovate and Execute extraordinarily well.

We increase a group's Collective Intelligence and then help apply its expanded capacity for rapid, on-demand, focused thinking and action to do more.

Florida, Georgia, United States